From a Chef to a Programmer

Karan Mann
2 min readApr 24, 2022

What I learned in the kitchen and apply to my programming career.

Almost everyone who starts working in a kitchen starts in one place, the bottom. This could be the salad section or pantry. In an industry as intensely competitive as restaurants, the only way to move up is by working as hard as you can. This means being willing to take on any assignment your chef gives you. It means constantly working to master your craft. Always striving to be better than you were the day before, always learning, always growing. It can be hard sometimes to find that drive within yourself. It’s easy to get comfortable on the station you’ve been working for several months or a year.

The best way that I know to combat that and push yourself to work harder, go further, and grow faster is to look at the person next to you and try to work harder than they do. Whether you’re a junior dev, or a bootcamp student who just finished writing a “Hello World” program, or even someone with years of experience, there is no secret to becoming the programmer you want to be. It takes work.

Programming is a craft like any other, and the only way to master a craft is to work at it all the time. In two months from knowing nothing to creating this wonderful site —

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